LED Emergency Pack

ETL FCC Certificated Emergency Pack,Emergency conversion Kit,Emergency Module with Battery backup for led panel light,led tube light,led down light and so on. Easy install,Safe Design, Emergency Power 8-10watt,3 hours, 5 Years warranty,Designed to suit a wide range of LED types and circuits. The models have sealed Lithium-ion battery able to guarantee high efficiency under high temperatures.

Product code:518T-72
Emergency run time:3 hours
Battery:7.2V Lithium-ion battery
Case Size:248*73*74mm 1KG
Package Size:260*60*60mm  1.1KG
Input:90-277Vac, 50/60Hz, max.0.1A
Emergency output:DC 18-60V, MAX 10WATT 36V/220MA/E80
Display settings:green light – the main power, red light –charging,  yellow light – fault
Charging current:200~450mA/h ±100
Suitable light source:LED Panel Light, LED Ceiling Lights,LED Downlight etc
Emergency Power Rate:8-10Watt
Charging Time:>24h without break

518T-72 接线说明(英文分体) 参数说明书ETL 20161121-1 副本.jpgQQ截图20170804190251.jpg

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